What coating do I need for my magnet?

This depends on the application.  Our experienced engineers can help you determine the correct coating required for your application.

Do you offer expediting shipping?

Yes, we do offer expedited shipping when required. Please make a note on your RFQ if you require this service.

Do you offer just-in-time delivery?

Yes, we do.  We service blanket orders for a quick turnaround.   We work with your sourcing team to obtain forecasts and safety stock levels.  

I would like to visit one of your factories in China. Will you arrange this for me?

Certainly!   We can set up factory tours in China upon request.   Yunsheng has four plants in Ningbo, and a full tour of all our sintered, bonded and assembly plants typically takes two days.  Please discuss your specific agenda with a Yunsheng representative, so we can customize your tour to fit your schedule and expectations. 

What is a typical quote response?

Typically, we can provide magnet quotes with 24-hour turnaround.   However, for more complex magnets requiring feasibility studies or magnetic assemblies, quotes can take from 3-7 working days.  Speedy quote response is also predicated on the accuracy of prints or information provided by customers.  

What is a typical lead time?

There is no typical lead time. Lead times vary based on multiple factors including: factory operating times, complexity of the request, and design changes. 

How can I pay?

We offer easy credit card payment for smaller orders. For larger orders, we accept standard forms of payment: company cheques, wire transfer, and terms to qualified customers.

Do you sell licensed neodymium magnets?

Yes, Yunsheng only sells licensed magnets - this ensures a higher quality final product. 

How can you guarantee quality?

Yunsheng has dedicated over 3,000 employees to its magnetics business.   We employ over 350 technical and quality staff to oversee our process controls.   Over the past two decades, we have experience working with both large, international corporations and small, highly specialized customers, so we can properly maintain high quality across large quantities of magnets and assemblies. 

As the first Chinese company to supply qualified motors to the North American automotive aftermarket since 1999, Yunsheng has brought a highly-disciplined automotive PPAP approach onto its production floor.   Moreover, as a leading supplier of hard disk drive magnets, Yunsheng also offers clean-room quality standards.  

Do you offer prototype services?

Yes, we can help you determine the type of magnet to use according to your application, as well as coating, grade, and dimensions.

If you would like, you can send us a sample magnet or other physical sample which we can test to determine any recommended modifications.



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