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Ningbo Yunsheng Co. Ltd is a world leader in the development and manufacture of sintered and bonded NdFeB magnets and magnetic assemblies. We are committed to technological and product innovations, and providing a world-class service to our customers. Additionally, we offer design, testing and prototyping services for specialty and custom projects in the automotive, green energy and industrial automation industries.

Our production capability boasts four plants in Ningbo, China, and one in Baotau, Inner Mongolia.   Our production facilities have a combined annual capacity of 7,500 tons for sintered NdFeB magnets and 300 tons for bonded NdFeB magnets.  By 2017, Yunsheng expects to expand its annual working capacity to 12,500 tons for sintered NdFeB magnets and 500 tons for bonded NdFeB magnets.  Our capabilities include the manufacture of high performance and high coercivity magnetic grades such as: N55, 52M, 50H, 48SH, 45UH, 42EH, and 38AH.  

Yunsheng maintains its own plating plant with twelve automated lines and water recycling treatment facility.  Our magnetics engineering R&D institute is a government-designated National Laboratory.   Since 2012, Yunsheng’s R&D institute has headed the National 863 Programme to conserve rare earth usage in magnetic materials.  Since 2014, Yunsheng has successfully implemented its Dy-free programme up to grade 48H, and continues to develop low-HRE grades for high coercivity applications for the automotive and high-efficiency motor sectors.    

China produces over 90% of the world's rare earth metals. The strategic location of our facility in Baotau, Inner Mongolia, ensures Yunsheng receives the highest quality raw materials, direct from the largest and purest deposits of rare earth ores anywhere in the world.  Our Baotau plant operates under the most ideal dry climate conditions for the processing and storage of rare earth ores.

We also provide magnetic assemblies and other high-energy product magnetic materials, SmCo and ferrite.  Yunsheng's experience and strength in machining and tooling makes us a perfect partner in high grade magnetic assemblies for linear servo motors, generators, sensors, couplings, separators, acoustic equipment and automotive components (such as alternators and starters).

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