Magnetic Assemblies & Sub Assemblies


Yunsheng specializes in producing magnetic assemblies and sub-assemblies per your requirement. From the selection of magnetic material to design services, we are happy to assist you throughout the whole process.
Learn more about the pitfalls of sourcing magnetic assemblies in China.   Find out how we can help your company to improve your productivity and reduce overall cost.



A company should be focused on their core competency and not be distracted by processes unrelated to their strengths.   Assembling high-powered magnets to rotors or yokes, working with a broad range of adhesives and properly magnetizing assemblies does not generally fall within the core competency of most companies.  Neodymium magnets are notoriously difficult to hold in place for assembly without carefully designed fixtures for assembly.  Improper adhesion and curing of the magnets to the substrate could lead to poor glue bonds, magnets shifting and demagnetizing during the curing process.  Lastly, improper usage of magnetizers result inadequately saturated magnetic assemblies.  These are very common problems which result in poor quality control and high failure rates.  The final result is inefficiency and loss in productivity, not to mention higher production costs.


We were able to offer a lower-cost, high productivity solution.  Yunsheng specializes in magnet production and the assembly of magnets to rotors and yokes and each other.   Yunsheng has been providing magnetic assembly solution since 2005.   Yunsheng boasts over a decade of experience in: designing specialty fixtures; selection of appropriate substrate materials; knowledge in adhesives and other magnet retention solutions; as well as properly magnetizing assemblies.

Yunsheng designs and manufactures all of its own tooling and fixtures in-house.  We have researched and catalogued substrate materials and adhesives based upon their suitability to specific grades and applications. Yunsheng is equipped with a full range of magnetizers of differing strengths and capacity to handle large and small assemblies.   


A decade of specialty expertise in understanding the relationship between Neodymium magnets and their substrate material as well as numerous adhesive and magnet retention techniques, puts Yunsheng in the forefront of magnetic assemblies.  Over 300 employees are dedicated to the production of magnetic assemblies spread over two plants.   

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